The Van Heck supervisor is responsible for the construction and installation of our material as well as the on-site briefing. Once the setup is done, everything is thoroughly tested.
Jan recently spent 2 weeks working in Mongstadt, Norway. He is one of our supervisors who travels regularly and this time he worked on the Halliburton project for Equinoir (formerly Statoil).
He talks about his experiences at this location.

The project

We have already written about it, the immense Equinor (Statoil) project in Mongstadt, Norway. At that time a pipeline was drilled from land to the sea where oil vessels moor. Oil is pumped to land via this pipeline.
According to Jan, the Equinor terrain is “Moerdijk in a nature reserve”, about two and a half kilometres times two and a half kilometres in size. The ingenious Equinor projects ultimately ensure that the risks to the surrounding fjords, nature and shipping  are minimized.
Van Heck is there for various purposes. The first phase took place in April / May and at that time Jan was in Norway to build up the material. With the drawings, made by our engineers in Noordwolde, he was able to get everything set up.
The electrically driven pumps (EPP200-SC350) and the hydraulically driven pumps (VSPH400) provided lubrication and cooling of the drill heads in the first phase. Now they are mainly used for the flushing and pressure testing of the pipes. Our material has remained on site all this time.


Jan worked daily directly with around eight people. “Yes, and then with four nationalities – Norwegians, Swedes, English and Poles –  four different cultures. But the click with the men is very good. After all, we have to rely on each other. Sometimes a language barrier causes some inconvenience, but the collaboration was very good ”. All these men are housed on the Equinor site. “We sleep in barracks and eat rice with fish every day,” Jan jokes. “ Actually the facilities are great and you also have the freedom to walk to the village pizzeria in the evening ”.
Jan was in Norway for 15 days and this is also the maximum stay as Equinor demands a change of guard. A colleague supervisor flew over from Noordwolde and after a good work exchange, Jan flew home.

Van Heck expects its material to remain in Norway until approximately 31 August 2019.

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