Van Heck’s ballast equipment is specifically designed for load-outs and float-overs, and ideal for use in salvage operations. The completely autonomous ballast and de-ballast installation can be controlled entirely from a central point and has a total capacity of 40,000 tons per hour.


The central control panel includes a true representation of the barge deck. Each tank has its own instrument panel with corresponding code. The ballast technician controls the complete ballast installation from the central control room.
All level meters are calibrated by the manufacturer, and their accuracy is checked before transport to each location. The readings are checked one more time and, if necessary, the meters are recalibrated during the tests and trial runs before the start of the ballast operation. The ballast system can be operated manually or from the central control room.


Van Heck’s hydraulically driven pumps are ideally suited for these ballast operations because they can easily be installed in a vertical riser pipe. In addition, these pumps can be easily replaced without endangering the progress of the ballast operation. The pumps are driven by Van Heck power packs.

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