Van Heck won two contracts for the construction of electrically driven screw pumps for BUKEA (Authority for Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture).
In 2018 and 2019, two electrically driven screw pumps were delivered to BUKEA (read more about this project here).
The client was so satisfied with these pumps that an SP300 and an SP400 were recently ordered.
Van Heck has started purchasing the necessary materials and will soon start with the construction of these two pumps. Delivery is scheduled for April and June 2022.


In the past week extensive tests, using the latest insights, were carried out at our test location in Noordwolde.
Van Heck believes that this can achieve even more efficiency, which means that energy consumption can be reduced even further.
Needless to say, our service technicians will professionally deliver the pump units to our customers in 2022.

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