Behind a tractor in the field, lower the lifting arms and pumping can start; the greatest quality of this screw pump is its simplicity. This pump can help with dirty work, as mud, sod pieces, dirt… it does not matter, it keeps running. If you require a permanent pump set up in an environmentally protected area with birds, this calls for customization.

This question came from the city of Hamburg. At the moment, a windmill driven pump is pumping water into the polder to maintain water levels and to keep the water flowing. Van Heck was asked to come up with a more stable solution. The answer was a custom-made electrically driven pump.

High efficiency

The challenge was the limited power supply on site and the low speed of the screw pump. By applying a high efficiency permanent magnet electric motor (specially built for this application), combined with a frequency controller, the aim was to use the least power possible to generate the most possible power.

Besides the lack of noise, this engine is very economical in use, the efficiency is almost 94 percent. This even meets the IE4 standard. The client was very positive about these environmentally friendly aspects. The customized pumps, two of which are placed in the polder near Hamburg, are durable and vandal proof.

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