Contractor Vissers Ploegmakers (commissioned by Water Board Aa en Maas) is currently working on replacing a weir.
Van Heck was called in for the temporary water diversion.

When the weir is replaced, a construction pit will be realized in the waterway ‘Kanaal van Deurne’, which will be pumped empty. The water must therefore be diverted because the water supply must not be interrupted: a temporary by-pass is therefore required.
Due to the nature of a dam, there is a height difference and we were able to use this height difference – in consultation with the contractor and client – ​​for a by-pass by means of a siphon installation.
The installation consists of 2 x Ø1000 trajectories of +/- 70 meters in length.
We siphon about 4,600 m3/hour with a height difference of only 11 cm!

Because the siphon installation was realized near the entrance of a campsite – and this campsite is inhabited all year round – the access road could not be blocked. A road span has been realized here in collaboration with the contractor.
By paying a lot of attention to measuring the site and setting up equipment accurately in the intallation phase, we were able to build the installation with minimal impact on the environment; we didn’t have to prune trees or disturb any nature.

The installation is expected to remain in operation for 5 weeks.

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