Siphon system

The siphon system offers the most environmentally friendly solution. Van Heck saw its potential very early on and has now acquired wide-ranging expertise and experience in its use. This system is a great example of a sustainable and energy saving solution.


  • A siphon system works using the difference in height between the inflow and outflow side of the pipe.
  • The air is sucked out of the pipes through a vacuum system comprising three electric vacuum pumps and a vacuum kettle.
  • The flow of water on the inflow side of the siphon system causes upward pressure, creating a self-regulating effect.
  • A difference in water levels of just a few centimeters is enough for siphoning.
  • Flow rates can reach up to 25,000 m3 per hour per pipe.
  • A siphon system is highly sustainable due to the limited operational costs and low sound level, and it can run on just one liter of fuel per day.
  • The system can also be customized with an alarm, automatic valves and flow registration and limitation.

“Simple is beautiful”

Siphon systems - Van Heck Group

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