Van Heck’s client Jelle Bijlsma has started the renovation of the Oude Joske pumping stations in Friesland.
These pumping stations were created and built during land consolidation but these are now outdated and unreliable. After the renovation, these pumping stations can last for another 25 years!


Work is currently underway on the renovation of the pumping station in Wirdum. Van Heck delivered its smallest submersible pump here; the electrically operated KRS 1022. Additionally a good 30 m of pipe were installed on site.
For this project the pump delivers a flow rate of 660 m³ / h at a delivery head of around four meters.
A GSM alarm module ensures that an SMS message is sent to Van Heck in the event of flooding in the polder or pump failure. The pump is also equipped with an automatic start / stop system.
Jelle Bijlsma set up the project, in close cooperation with our project engineer. The Van Heck service technician was on site to start the pump.


The renovation of all Oude Joske pumping stations is a major project and Van Heck offers, in this case,  a solution with the smallest pump of its rental fleet.

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