It is clear that the siphon systems can ideally be used in situations when there is only a minimal difference in height between inflow and outflow.
We have used this sustainable and energy-efficient siphon system a lot in recently.
Besides the fact that Van Heck is constantly on the move in terms of innovation, Van Heck has once again been able to make a contribution with the siphon system.


Two weeks ago, Van Heck built a siphon system in Meerstad, near the city of Groningen, in collaboration with client De Romein Group. Meerstad is still under construction in terms of new residential areas. Our client is working on the total excavation of this project, which includes a new roundabout near the De Borgsloot canal. For the construction of the new roundabout, the water from the Borgsloot must be temporarily diverted. After completion, the Borgsloot will flow under the roundabout.
To ensure that Van Heck could set up a stable installation, De Romein Group constructed a temporary sand dike of a 200 meters length for the pipework.


For this project a total of three times 190 meters of Ø1000 piping from the inflow point to the outlet point was necessary.
With a minimum difference in height of only 30 centimeters, 10,000 m³ per hour of water can be moved with this installation.
The siphon system run continuously, but local residents will not be bothered by the noise. The siphon installations have a low noise level.

More information on Van Heck’s siphon installations can be found here.

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