Van Heck installed a siphon installation in Benningsfeld, Germany earlier this month.

The project

Roxeler Ingenieurgesellschaft , our client, is currently working on the renovation of concrete gutters for a water treatment plant.
In order to drain the concrete gutters, Van Heck has provided a temporary water diversion.

The Van Heck Contribution

The project engineer in Noordwolde first made a 3D setup drawing. The difference in height was clearly visible in the photos, making a siphon installation the ideal solution.
The siphon installation moves about 5000 m³ of water per hour through the 125 meters of pipeline installed on site.
Two Van Heck service technicians traveled to Benningsfeld earlier this month to set it up and get it running.
The project will last approximately one month and then the service technicians will return to disassemble the installation.

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