Once again contractor Ludwig Freytag GmbH & Co knew how to find  the Van Heck solutions.
The renovation of a sluice in the Wedeler Au will start mid-March. The Wedeler Au is a river that drains through this sluice into the Elbe River (Wedel, Germany). The water from the nearby polder is shed through the sluice at low tide.


The doors and the sluice will be removed from the pumping station for renovation. During the renovation, the sluice is closed on both sides to ensure that no water can pass through. To enable the 3 m³ / sec. of water to drain during the working procedure, Van Heck material will be deployed.


Van Heck initially drew up an offer based on the supplied specifications. Additionally the Van Heck engineers drew up a second quotation with a more efficient and cheaper solution.
After a number of changes and consultation with the client, a thorough plan was finally worked out. The drawings were prepared and material was ready for transport.
At the beginning of March 2020, one AFP600 pump set, two electrically powered HK500 pumps, three aggregates and approximately
375 meters of piping were transported to Germany.
The spread will run completely electrically as this is the most “green” solution for the environment and the surrounding nature.
Two service technicians will assemble the material in five days and after the usual testing the whole installation will work automatically.

The project is expected to last for six months.

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