Van Heck had already done so in August 2019: emptying a dry dock for one of her clients and last month Van Heck was allowed to do this again for another client in Amsterdam.

At the beginning of October our technical manager went to the dry dock in Amsterdam to view the situation, to consult and discuss the planning with the customer. The Van Heck engineers started work on the engineering of a fully
electrical spread  that would drain the dry dock as quickly as possible, taking into account the limited space within the dock.

Van Heck contribution

On October 22, Van Heck mobilized and assembled the electrical installation and on October 23  it was tested and fully approved. Then the operation started. The dock was slowly filled up, the ship entered, the doors were closed and the
Van Heck equipment pumped the dock empty in little more than 3 hours under the watchful eye of our supervisors.

The result:

A dry dock with a gigantic ship in it on which our customer can carry out maintenance. Another satisfied client.


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