Since October 2018 Van Heck has been working on a project in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Sheet piling

In the Bremerhaven harbour the customer is building a new sheet piling in a construction pit. The water must be pumped out of the pit so that dry demolition of an old quay can be carried out. The construction pit is approximately 50 meters long and 14 meters deep and because the work is constantly “moving”, the pumps are also always moved with the construction of the new quay.

Van Heck’s contribution

Van Heck supplies two hydraulically driven pumps: the VSPH400. The pumps for this project have a flow rate of 1350 m³ per hour at 0.6 bar. This is equivalent to 375 litres of water per second, so the construction pit can be quickly emptied. In addition to the pumps, there are 2 power packs for on-site power supply and various accessories from our cooperation partner Marine Motors from Belgium.


Van Heck’s work will continue until around August 2019. The entire project in the port must be ready by early August, this being the deadline for the German version of Sail 2020.

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