Last week a request came in to drain a dry dock at De Vries Scheepsbouw.
The project managers visited the location on Tuesday in order to be able to measure up the equipment.

 New build

The immense docking hall in Makkum has been completely rebuilt by Jorritsma Bouw in the past year and is expected to be delivered in November.
The hall now had to be drained so that the company’s own pump sets could be installed on the floor (on the bed).
A sluice gate was first installed so that the dock was completely shut off.
The water was pumped out via the company’s own pipeline system to the adjoining port site.

Van Heck was able to drain the dock within 14 hours with a hydraulic VSPH400 pump.
This pump has a maximum flow rate of 1,400 m³ per hour.
By Friday morning the dock was almost completely drained and the equipment will be disassembled on Monday.

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