Currently, three red Van Heck pumps are located in the vicinity of the German Buxtehude.
Here our client Johann Bunte is working on a new section of highway A26/A7 of approximately 10 kilometers.


The road will be built on peat soil and sand will be poured onto it to allow the soil to settle more quickly. After settling in, 2/3 will be excavated again and the rest will be used as subsoil for the new highway.
The Van Heck pumps pump out the return water.


Three electrically driven EPP200-PHK500, arranged in series, are fed by three frequency converters. These converters are equipped with the latest “Van Heck Connect” software (PLC control).
In addition to these, generators and the necessary piping were supplied.

The red Van Heck pump set-up is expected to be in use until the end of 2022.

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