Contingency plans; be prepared!

be prepared

Van Heck is frequently called in when an emergency strikes, so we know exactly what’s required for an adequate response. Various parties have already had Van Heck draw up contingency plans. In a contingency plan we specify, for each critical location, the steps to take should a pumping station fail, a dike is breached or if there is a surplus of water in another way. Prior to drawing up a contingency plan, a Van Heck engineer will visit on site to take stock of the situation together with the client.

Different scenarios

Van Heck then sets to work on drawing up the contingency plan that describes, among other things, the required pump capacities, supply routes and other necessary materials. In order to be certain of a solution, we prepare two or three different scenarios in the contingency plan, which makes a crisis manageable. A contingency plan enables all parties to act even faster, because the local situation is known and all involved know what to do.

Ready-to-use solution

Van Heck is currently working on drawing up contingency plans for three different water boards. This shows that more and more parties recognize the importance of having a ready-to-use solution in the event of a calamity and appreciate the expertise of Van Heck. The investment in a contingency plan is  a fraction of the loss you will avoid as a result.

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