Van Heck literally goes to the other side of the world for her client. A major client of Van Heck will carry out a project in Muchke (Russia). Muchke is located on the Sea of Japan, 13.332 km as the crow flies from Noordwolde.

Van Heck contribution

Van Heck will supply two DPP300-PHK500s for this project, two fuel tanks and the connecting piping for parallel installation of these pumps. This arrangement provides the client with the required
6,200 m3/h.

The limited space in the landfill creates a challenge. The pressure pipe and the return water pipe must be led under a railroad track through an extremely narrow culvert. Time is also an issue, because at the end of November / beginning of December it can get quite cold there and the water will freeze.

Van Heck’s equipment will be flown to Singapore by plane and proceed further to Muchke by ship. One of our service engineers will fly to Muchke to install the equipment, start the pumps and give further instructions.

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