Jet pumps / high pressure pumps. Water management with large diameters.

Van Heck is all-round in its field. Because of its broad expertise, the company is therefore on a regular basis employed for disciplines like jetting and pigging by its domestic and foreign customers.


In case of jetting, water is used under great pressure for dredging activities, for instance. This is how in Antwerp (Deurganckdok), dredging took place just underneath the bank. This is done with a suction-cutter dredger, which however cannot get close enough to the bank with its cutter because the ship runs into the bank with its bow. A Van Heck high pressure pump brings relief by first jetting the bank under the water level, which causes it to ‘collapse’ and this causes the materials to be dredged to go under the dredger instead of in front of it.

During jetting, the ground is churned up under high pressure for various purposes. This may be required in order to facilitate dredging activities, but also trenches can be jetted for the laying of cables in the seabed. This is how Van Heck was also employed to lay of cables in the Mediterranean Sea near Egypt (order by Travocean) and in Taiwanese and Philippine waters (order by Van Oord).


In case of pigging, pipes are cleaned on the inside with an enormous force. In this application, a pig is pushed through the pipe under great pressure by means of high pressure pumps. Since this concerns pipes with large diameters, a considerable capacity is required. Therefore it is not surprising that Van Heck’s equipment is applied for pigging.

Widely applicable

During the installing of the enormous concrete abutments in Le Havre (see picture), Van Heck’s high pressure pumps proved their value. These hollow concrete structures that were around 45 meters high, had to be ballasted with water in order to be able to install them. The red bruisers from Noordwolde were able to deliver the capacity to do the job without any problem.

Van Heck’s high pressure pumps can be applied on a wide scale. Besides hosing down large dredgers and the pumping up of water to higher altitudes, these pumps are also employed at other projects. There, Van Heck’s pumps also play a crucial role. They very rapidly solved a cooling water problem at Frisia Zout in Harlingen and helped out Crompton Amsterdam by replacing a pump in the fire extinguishing system that had broken down. As always swift, powerful and reliable.

Van Heck has proven that it is an ideal partner for various applications, since it is one of only a few companies that is able to supply pump sets with the desired capacity, pressure and variety.

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