Market leader offers even better work

“We’re a market leader and our system’s been in demand for quite a while… But we continue to invest in improving it simply because we’re innovative and we’re always looking for the best possible solution”, says Jeroen van Heck.

This time, it’s all about setting up offshore windmill farms. Van Heck loves supporting this kind of green energy; in this case, with a new technology that makes it possible to lay cables in trenches on the seabed. A caterpillar vehicle runs or slides across the ocean floor and cuts trenches in the sand at flow rates of up to 2,400 m³/hour. The cable is then laid directly inside the trenches. Van Heck supplies pumps and expertise for all the major operators involved in setting up offshore windmills: Deep Ocean, Modus, VSMC and BoDo.

In the practice

Van Heck and VSMC are involved in a test phase designed to improve this technology: In a nutshell, it comes down to using a longer sword with a more precise jet that has a less disruptive impact on the environment. This also makes it possible to control the pressure and direction of the jets more accurately. The tests have revealed that the designs, which look great on the drawing board, also work well in the practice.

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