The phone rings on December 22nd, a water authority pumping station is in distress. They would like to have a temporary pump installation on site before Christmas.
Van Heck does not hesitate and our engineers jump into the car for a look on site. Van Heck does not hesitate for a moment and our engineers jump into the car for advice on site. In Noordwolde, the preparation of the necessary material begins immediately.


Van Heck had drawn up a tailor-made emergency plan for this pumping station, which meant that the situation on site was well known and preparations could already get started.
On site, the rental of a crane and the laying of road plates is started immediately.
On December 23, 4 trucks with 2 pumps and the necessary piping leave the yard and the building of the temporary pump installation gets underway  in the afternoon.

The Van Heck technicians install everything professionally, so our customer can celebrate Christmas reassured.

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