Colleague Hilko has now become a specialist in the electrical engineering of the 5 ft. containers. Over the past months, he has been working on two new advanced  control containers for our electric pump sets.


Characteristic of these 5-foot containers are, among other things, the PLC control for the frequency converter and the control using various sensors. This makes the electric pump sets even more versatile.


As soon as the location of the project allows it, an electrically driven pump set is often selected quickly because this setup is very environmentally friendly. In addition, an electric pump set is considerably quieter in operation.


Last week, the new control containers were extensively tested with an electrically powered HK500 pump in the testing facility in Noordwolde.
All tests went extremely well.
The two new 5 ft. containers are ready to be deployed for a project in Liverpool, England at the end of December.

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