Road improvements nearby Medemblik

For the project ‘Road improvements to the N239-N240’ nearby Medemblik, North Holland, our client Dura Vermeer required three separate temporary pumping stations to guarantee the water level in the polder during their renovation and renewal of bridges and large water ducts.

The largest installation (which you can see in the photographs) was needed to guarantee a flow of 200m3/min (or 12.000m3/h).

Installation with road crossing

Two silenced diesel driven HK700 pumps, with automatic start/stop and GSM alarms were installed, with a road crossing, so that especially lorry traffic to nearby agricultural businesses was not affected by the pumping station.


As you can see it was a challenge to fit this large installation into a relatively tight space. To do this, our engineers made flow calculations to select the required material and designed the installation in a 3D drawing. These drawing was used to convince the water authorities that the installation would meet their demands and that it would fit into the designated location.

Two of the temporary pumping stations will be needed more than once during the road improvements, which span a period of months in the first half of this year.

June 2015

After successfully finishing the project with the largest installation of 12.000 m3/hour, a temporary pump system using two silenced diesel driven HK250 pumps was scheduled. The HK250 pumps each produce a flow of 900 m3/hour and keep the water level stable with an automatic start/stop device. This pump consumes 9 litre diesel per hour, thus making them highly economical and therefore a sustainable choice.

In mid-July 2015, the maintenance by the N239 and N240 will be completed. Dura Vermeer, together with Van Heck, can then look back at another successfully completed project.

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