At the beginning of 2020, Van Heck delivered a completely electric pump spread in the Middle East. Van Heck’s client had constructed  a suction dredger specifically for this project, that can withstand the tough and complicated conditions there.
The red van Heck pumps supported this a suction dredger doing its work.

The Van Heck Contribution

Van Heck selected two HK500E pumps and two EPP200-PHK500 pumps for this project to meet the customer’s flow rate. With some urgency, the Van Heck constructors had to manufacture special reducers to fit onto the client’s material. Another challenge was to load the equipment in the containers as effectively as possible for transport to the Middle East.
Initially, the client asked Van Heck for diesel-driven pump sets, but due to strict import regulations, this was not an option. The decision then was made to go for a completely electric pump setup.
The Van Heck engineer designed this in close consultation with the client. Listening carefully to the customer’s wishes is also a core competence of the Van Heck engineer.

When the equipment arrived on site our service technician spent three weeks there to set up the pump spread, test it and give directions for the further use.
The project has now been successfully completed and the equipment is on its way back to Noordwolde.

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