For our client Damen Ship Repair, the red Van Heck pumps travelled to Willemstad, Curaçao.
A ship’s dock with 70,000 m3 of water had to be pumped empty to enable the repair of a cruise ship.

Van Heck’s contribution

At the beginning of April, two HK700 pump units, (a HK700 does 6000 m3/hour at 18 meters mwc) including fuel tanks and piping, were shipped from Noordwolde to Curaçao.
Our supervisor Daan Akkerman was on site for four weeks to ensure that the entire project could be carried out smoothly.

The red pumps are currently still standing in Willemstad and, as the dock says, there is still “Tin mei meter di awa” or “half a meter of water” in the dock.

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