The third Diesel-powered HK-800 pump is currently being built in the Van Heck workshop.

The first HK800 in Nigeria

The first Van Heck HK800 pump was used  to level the seabed off the coast of Nigeria (Africa) to lay a pipeline for a mass flow operation.
This project lasted from the end of 2018 to mid-August 2019.
The pump has just been returned to Noordwolde and our service engineer will provide it with the necessary maintenance and cleaning work.

More requests for HK800

The demand for the world’s largest and strongest pump is constantly increasing. In December 2019, two HK800s will be deployed at one of our largest clients.
In the meantime, the construction of the third HK800 pump is progressing steadily.


The HK800 has a flow rate of almost 10,000 m³ / per hour! That means that an Olympic swimming pool can be emptied within fifteen minutes. The pump is engineered at 80 dB at 3 meters.

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