Last month Van Heck was able refloat a client’s sunken pipeline using one of its largest pumps. The project was carried out from a ship off the Dutch coast, near Texel.


The client called Van Heck on a Friday afternoon to explain the problem; their pipeline had sunk and it was clogged with sand. A small Van Heck team worked until late to make a good plan to help this customer. Saturday at the end of the day the necessary equipment was installed on board of the ship, ready to clean the pipe.

Van Heck Contribution

To supply the required capacity (5,500 m3) and the required pressure (26 mwc), Van Heck deployed a DPPG750-HK700. The limited space on board of the ship created a challenge but, in consultation with the customer, our engineers and service superintendents resolved this very well. After approximately 1.5 hours of pumping, the entire pipeline was floating again and the customer could get back to work. An example of  great teamwork!

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