Siphon technology finds way to fill mega-tub

The Van Heck team has come up with a highly ingenious, cost-effective solution for the construction of a liquid natural gas terminal in the Spanish port of Algeciras. The LNG terminal was being built in a part of the port that had been separated off by a dyke.

Once the construction of the floating gas storage depot had been completed, Van Heck used a siphoning system to feed the water into the more than 30-metre high basin. The artificial dock was filled within four days at minimal cost in terms of energy consumption. Because the water was siphoned through the pipe by vacuum, it continued to flow over the dyke at a speed of 25,000 cubic metres, due to difference in height. A small 4 kW pump was used to complete the job. If a more standard technique had been used, a pump capacity of 1,800 kW would have been required.

Economical siphoning technique

This highly economical siphoning technique can also be used for the large-scale renovation of drainage and sewage systems. Water has efficiently diverted in this way for distances up to 1,100 metres. For Van Heck, intelligent ideas and keeping costs low for the customer are logical starting points for solutions in water management.

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