Siphon system withstands ‘Jack Frost’

PLAU AM SEE – In the north-east corner of Germany, close to Neustrelitz, the Elde river had to be temporarily diverted in the spa village of Plau am See to allow for the construction of a counting system for eels in the bypass around a lock.

Migration route of eels

The installation of the siphon allowed the river to continue flowing into Plauer Lake during the months required to complete the work. This small river is an important link in the migration route of eels, which breed in the Atlantic Ocean, after which the young swim back up the European rivers. Environmental protection organisations and governments monitor the eel population very closely, due to their rapidly dwindling numbers. The siphon’s vacuum boiler was heavily insulated and fitted with a heat tracing to withstand the bitter cold winter temperatures of nearly -20°C in eastern Germany. The installation exceeded the high expectations.

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