During the renovation of the “Scheldekaaien” (Scheldequays) on the east side of the Schelde-river in Antwerp, Van Heck was called in for help.
The underground rainwater drainage needed to be diverted so that a construction pit could be realized, after which the quay walls will be replaced.
Rainwater drainage must be guaranteed at all times; the temporary bypass in the form of a siphon installation ensures this demand.

With a by-pass, Van Heck engineers think of siphons, because this is the most sustainable way of moving water.
By working creatively and optimizing the pipe resistance in the design process, we succeeded in meeting customer demand with 4 parallel pipes. The peak flow rate is 27,000 m³ at 1 mwk height difference.

The work started in October 2022 and is expected to continue until June 2023.

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