On behalf of the Friesland water authority,  Schot Infra is currently working on the renovation of the De Murk pumping station.
The current installation is already 36 years old and has reached the end of its technical lifespan. The pumping station ensures a good water level in the Murk Polder, an area totaling more than 2500 hectares. The pumping station is located on the Elfsteden skating route near the famous tiled bridge,  It Sil Heve.


In order to keep the water in the Murk Polder at the correct level, Van Heck has provided a temporary pump installation.
Two electrically powered VP800 pumps were installed last week. The new FO containers ensure the correct control and monitoring of these pumps. With the new PLC control system in the FO containers, the pumps can be remotely controlled and monitored using Van Heck-Connect.
Thanks to this advanced system, the pumps never run more than necessary, which is good for the environment and  nature.


After a successful engineering phase in Noordwolde and on-site installation by our service technicians, the pumps are now running as desired.
The renovation of the De Murk pumping station will take until around mid-April. Until then, the Van Heck pumps will remain on site to temporarily replace the pumping station.

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