The Spijksterpompen pumping station near the Eemshaven is currently undergoing a major renovation. The adjacent dike is being widened simultaneously. Van Heck is closely involved in this project and supplied the temporary pumping installations for the pumping station.


The Noorderzijlvest Water Board signed a contingency plan in 2018. Part of this plan was now put into operation, which saved a lot of preparation time. In consultation with the Water Board and other participating parties, a number of changes were made. This resulted in on-site situations that required quick anticipation on the Van Heck side, but thanks to the good cooperation, this certainly did not cause any problems.

Equipment and testing

On July 8, 2019 thirteen loaded trucks made a start to equipt the Spijksterpompen.
Van Heck supplied four diesel-powered pump sets and approximately 250 meters of pipework. With these pumps the required flow rate of around 22,000 m3 per hour can be achieved. In case of serious rainfall in the Netherlands, Spijksterpompen can continue to do its job without any problems. During the four-day installation, three Van Heck supervisors correctly installed the equipment and coordinated matters. The installation was tested on Friday 12 July under the watchful eye of our director Jeroen Van Heck. Around noon the temporary pump installation was delivered to our client, the Noorderzijlvest Water Board.

The expected duration of the project is until the end of September 2019.

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