Replacement of lock by pumping station

Friedrichskoog is an old fishing village on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein. In recent years the narrow passage between the sandbanks through the Wadden Sea harbour silted up more and more, so that the state government was forced to close the port. The water flowing out of the hinterland into the harbour water will no longer be drained through the sluice gates of the port, but pumped into the North Sea.

Temporary diversion

For our client Friedrich Peters Bau GmbH we will deliver two diesel powered super silenced HK700 pumps for the period of approximately 10 months. With a suction of 4 meters, these pumps have a capacity of ± 5000 m3/hour a piece. In order to keep the water inside the dikes at the desired level, the Van Heck pumps ensure that the water is temporarily diverted for this period.

Automatic start/stop system

The pumps are controlled by means of floats. When the water level rises, the pumps start automatically. When the desired level is reached again, the pumps are stopped automatically.

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