Cable burying IJsselmeer

Van Heck has been successful in supplying their client VBMS with a tailor made solution for their offshore cable burying activities between Lemmer and Urk, in the Netherlands.

Using two silenced, diesel driven, self-priming DPPG120-SC200 pumps, Van Heck provided the flexibility necessary for the varying flows and pressures needed for the burying tool. The piping arrangement allows for easy switching between single or ‘in series’ operation. Both pump units are remotely controlled and the flow and pressure are monitored closely from one central point.

Added challenge

The engineers at Van Heck enjoyed the added challenge of fitting the pump system into the limited deck space available. Using 3D simulation we were able model the pumps and piping on board, avoiding any surprises during installation.

In the coming months VBMS will be using the system on a continuous basis to complete the task at hand. Van Heck is on standby to assist at any time.

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