‘Pearl of the Gulf’ paradise for pumps…

The current job in Qatar, on the Persian Gulf, proves that Van Heck’s fleet for hire functions well under extreme conditions. Since Van Heck started this project at the end of 2004 the number has grown significantly: from 16 pumps to no fewer than 29 pump sets.

They are currently running flat out in the Arab emirate. Even the combination of high temperatures (sometimes as high as 50 degrees Celsius!), fine desert dust, sharp sand and very salty water does not defeat Van Heck’s equipment. ‘Now it truly comes down to our strength’, recognises the director. ’In this kind of environment, under such difficult conditions, many pump units would not be able to cope. Fortunately however, Dredging International/Qatar Dredging Company is fully confident in us’. In Qatar, on the Riviera Arabia, all hands are on deck to complete the ambitious project known as ‘The Pearl of the Gulf’.

Dutch pride

A super deluxe residence is rising up, covering an area of 400 hectares of specially raised small islands. An idyllic oasis that, upon completion, which is expected to be in approximately 2009, will be able to accommodate around 40,000 guests. They shall want for nothing in comfortable villas and penthouses, chic hotels and on private beaches with breathtaking views. Van Heck is therefore proud of its own contribution, a traditional amount of Dutch pride: ‘We are providing a great deal of capacity in Qatar and are performing well. This project does of course appeal enormously to one’s imagination.’

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