Together with her client, Van Heck developed a temporary pump installation in which the newly developed showpieces of Van Heck; the DPPG800-SC250 / 650 are of great importance. These new pumps ensure that the desired pressure and capacity are supplied. The installation will be built on the client’s ship. The space on board is limited and this required maximum effort from our engineers. The super silenced sets will first conduct trials at the end of January 2020. The actual implementation of the project is planned for July-August 2020.

Van Heck contribution

Van Heck’s contribution to this project are 2x DPPG820-SC250 / 650 + 3x DPPG750-SC300 / 500 + 6x Power Pack + 6x VSPH. Furthermore, Van Heck has constructed and supplied a completely customized (high-pressure) pipework for the installation on board. Our client will use this installation to lay cables in Europe’s largest port.

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