Long-term project in Antwerp

ANTWERP – In the Antwerp harbour, sand extraction is in process. This sand is transported to deposits along the freeway. The surplus water has to be pumped all the way back to the harbour: a distance of no less than 4.5 kilometers!

Red pumps

Van Heck cooperates with DEME and Jan de Nul in Antwerp. Together with these companies, the right solution for this specific challenge was determined. Van Heck provided all calculations and delivered noiseless pump sets that easily bridge the distance to the harbour, processing 9,300 m3 per hour. That has been proven more than once in the past years. Four years ago, the first Van Heck pump in Antwerp began operations. Because the project is executed in phases, work is sometimes idle there. But as soon as the project starts up again, the red pumps from Noordwolde are present.

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