Van Heck will make an important contribution to the world’s largest wind farm in inland waters. The wind farm will be built near Breezanddijk in the IJsselmeer and will have 89 wind  turbines in the future.


Van Oord, Van Heck’s client, will be  laying power cables to bring the power generated by the wind turbines to the consumer. The power cables stretch from the wind turbines in the IJsselmeer to the transformer station in Breezanddijk.
With a so-called spray lance (injector) a trench for the cables is jetted / dug. This lance makes a two meter deep trench in the bed of the IJsselmeer.
The red Van Heck  pumps ensure that the pressure is sufficient to enable the lance to glide through the seabed so the cables can be laid in it.

Deck arrangement Van Heck

For this project, Van Heck equipped two DPPG-750s with SC300 / 500s. Two hydraulically driven VSPH-400 pumps provide the necessary pressure.
This spread will be built up in the coming days. The estimated duration of this project will be approximately four months.

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