Nordergründe Offshore Wind Farm

VBMS called in Van Heck to help develop and supply a flexible jet pump system for the Nordergründe Export Cable installation. From landfall to wind farm the length of the export cable was 26,5 kilometres. Burial of the cable was to be performed, making use of the VBMS’ owned ‘cutting edge’ burial tool the BSS-II (Burial Sledge System II).

Designed and constructed by Van Heck

Submarine cables are buried to protect them from the environment and sea bed activities. Under shipping lanes however, the burial depth requirement is increased, this to further reduce the chance of damage and failure, by passing ships.

The cable installation barge was equipped with three silenced diesel driven DPPG750-SC350/5 Van Heck ‘deck’ pumps and used two frequency controlled submersible electrical feeder pumps. With this combination a total capacity of 2000m3/h @ 11 bar was at their disposal.

The deck pumps were connected in such a way that they could work individually, or together in parallel. The water was fed into a distribution manifold, equipped with valves and flow meters, also designed and constructed by Van Heck. The manifold, which could slide up and down the deck during deployment and recovery of the burial tool, distributed the water to the tool’s connection points.

Advanced jetting lance system

Together our pumps and VBMS’s BSS-II form an advanced jetting lance system which is adjustable in height. Water, delivered by Van Heck’s pumps to the nozzles, produce water jets that liquefy the soil in front and adjacent of the lance. Due to the liquefaction of the soil the lance can be moved easily and the cable is laid and buried all in the same single process.

At this time the cable installation has been successfully completed.

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