Port Gentil

Van Heck has supplied Van Oord with two diesel driven HK700 pumps for an injection dredging project close to Port Gentil on the Gabon coast, Africa.

Detailed engineering

As a part of the contract Van Heck was asked to make detailed engineering and installation drawings, to make sure that everything would fit on board of the vessel that Van Oord will use. A mock-up of the installation was then made at Van Heck’s premises, which was partly disassembled for transport.

Inventive pipework

The two HK700 pumps can be used in parallel and series, without having to rebuild the pipework, but by simply opening and closing valves (up to a diameter of Ø1000mm) designed and built into the piping system. Nozzles for the actual injection dredging were also designed and fabricated by Van Heck.

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