The high water levels in the south of the country was causing problems for a gravel pit.


Our client was having a lot of difficulty with rising seepage water  due to the high water level of the Maas river.
This had to be pumped out so that the extraction of gravel could continue.
On Tuesday afternoon our project manager received the request and, given the urgency, action was taken very quickly.
Thursday morning two trucks drove to Dilsum-Stokkem, Belgium.
Within 24 hours of signing the rental agreement, our latest DPPG120-HK400 pump was operating on site and the gravel digging could be continued.
This HK400 is equipped with an extremely clean, silenced diesel engine (with Ad-Blue), making it  environmentally friendlier.


Van Heck expects that,  due to the rising water levels in the major Dutch rivers, further problems could soon arise.
Should assistance be required, the Van Heck rental fleet consists of a large number of pump sets that can be deployed immediately.
You can contact us  at any time without obligation and we gladly think along with you to find an appropriate solution!

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