Overflow channel Veessen Wapenveld

In Wapenveld, Holland, Van Heck is involved in one of the many “Ruimte voor de Rivier” projects (which literally means ‘Space for Rivers’).

For client Combinatie IJsselweide (a joint venture between Boskalis and Van Hattum/Blankevoort) Van Heck has provided 4 pumps, 3 HK500’s and 1 HK400, all diesel driven. It is the responsibility of Van Heck to pump back the process water over a large distance, up to some 8 kilometer.


The river IJssel, when in flood, puts the cities of Deventer, Zutphen and other surrounding villages in danger. A channel is now being built next to the bend in the river close to Wapenveld. Closed off by a dam the channel remains in everyday use as agricultural land and a lowland bird sanctuary. If needed in extreme conditions however, it can be used to ‘short circuit’ the bend, lowering the river level by 71 centimeter and preventing flooding.

To the left and right of the channel, dykes are being built by transporting the sand required through piping, under pressure using water, not with lorries. This drastically reduces the work traffic and therefore the impact on the local environment, people and businesses.

Good old-fashioned Dutch water management!

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