Heavy rains and high water levels

Following a telephone call from De Vries & Van der Wiel over the high water level in the IJssel River near Zutphen, Van Heck lost no time in delivering a diesel powered HK400 pump.

Due to heavy rains in combination with high water levels in the IJssel, the small temporary De Vries & Van der Wiel pumps could not maintain the water level in the newly developed nature reserve. As a result the level of the water had risen about a half meter. The Van Heck pump was to pump the excess water out of the area and thus retain a correct water level until the new pumping station was ready for operation.

Swift action

The pump had to be installed quickly. An onsite visit was necessary because the situation had changed in comparison to the contingency plan Van Heck had made earlier. Thursday morning Van Heck received the telephone call, Thursday afternoon the site was visited and Friday afternoon the pump was operating as desired.

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