Heavy-duty pump unit helps Rivierenland Water Authority out of a fix

The brand-new DPPG750 has already proved its worth. This most recent addition to the Van Heck range is equipped with a high powered motor and came as a godsend to Rivierenland Water Authority in early July, which had to contend with immensely high water levels following countless lengthy downpours. The pump was urgently needed: The ground was already saturated and the forecast was for more rain…

All of a sudden, the water authority was faced with a shortage of capacity and the weekend was approaching fast. What could they do? Van Heck received an urgent telephone call from the water authority on Friday, at around five o’clock. It was time to take action. The water authority requested that an additional pump be installed next to the Acquoy pumping-station, what they required was a class of pump that is virtually impossible to hire in the Netherlands.

This was no problem for the trouble-shooters from Noordwolde. Engineers were drummed up post-haste in order to install the new DPPG750 and the various pipe work required. The team was equipped and on site bright and early on Saturday morning and the pump was installed. By the afternoon, the DPPG750 was running at full power. The following Wednesday, the pumping unit could return home, a job well done. The feet of the residents living within the area governed by Rivierenland Water Authority had remained dry…


With a capacity of approximately 6500 m3/hour at a 10 metre head, the DPPG750 is one of the best of its kind. It is equipped with a diesel power pack for heavy work and the new noise attenuated motor exceeds all tightened environmental and safety requirements, making it a pump far ahead of its time. Three units of this new type are currently operational worldwide.

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