Construction of new industrial area in Nigeria

Jan de Nul is currently constructing a new industrial area in Lekki, Nigeria. The dredging company called in Van Heck to deliver reclamation area dewatering pumps for this project.

Various stages of the project

First smaller dredgers dug a trench enabling the large dredgers to approach the shore and unload sand. This sand is being used to build dykes and for the construction of temporary roads. Two diesel powered HK700 pumps are used for pumping back the excess water.
In a later stage, using large dredging vessels, the area will be levelled with a large supply sand. Here the Van Heck pumps will also be used for pumping the process water back to sea. This time four pumps will be deployed.

During the start-up of the pumps a Van Heck engineer is on site.


Van Heck has made various configurations and capacity calculations to achieve the best possible solution. The total flow rate finally reached 16,000 m3/hour. The water had to be pumped across a distance of 4 kilometers.

The Van Heck pumps will remain in Nigeria at least until the spring of 2016.

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