Water level in Delft canals maintained during tunnel construction

DELFT – A complex request from the Delft Water Board stimulated Van Heck’s professio- nals to further develop innovative water management solutions. For the construction of a railway tunnel, part of the Crommelijn megaproject, one of the main waterways through Delft had to be laid dry. This canal plays a critical role in the region’s water management strategy, so the water levels had to be kept under strict control.

Van Heck’s solution was judged best: installation of a 170 metre long pipeline, 1000 mm in diameter – instead of two pipelines – fed by four powerful, electrically-driven VP800 pumps. By installing pumps and valves at both ends, the direction the water is pumped can automatically be reversed. The Water Board was pleased with the innovative plan, that is managed fully automatically. A computer monitors the water levels, and the pumps switch on when the water levels differ by 3 centimetres.

Remote controlled

Water in the canals has to be circulated regularly during dry periods, this too has been automated. The computer program essential for the operating and automation of this system was written en developed by Van Heck’s own staff. The frequency controllers (FC) used are built into an insulated container and are governed by an advanced regulation and control system. Alarms are sent via text messages and manual control via live internet connection ensures an adequate response if a problem situation arises. FCs have innumerable applications, certainly now that Water Boards have a growing need to operate equipment from home or office.

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