At the beginning of November, Van Heck received a request  from client Eiffage for a siphon project in Oberhausen.
The Van Heck rental fleet has siphon constructions up to a maximum of Ø 1000 mm. Eiffage however, needed a larger capacity, so a siphon Ø 1200 mm had to be built.


Work started very quickly in Noordwolde. After receiving the final order, the project engineer designed a new siphon system within two weeks.
The necessary material was purchased locally. Thanks to the cooperation with local companies, including Metaalbewerking Friesland and Galatec Noordwolde, the progress of the welding activities went quickly and smoothly.
In the workshop, work continued without interruption. Approximately 250 meters of welding were required to construct the necessary pipework, the bends and the vacuum kettle.
The welding work was successfully completed and the vacuum kettle  and the valve received  the well-known Van Heck red color in our own paint shop.


The new siphon system is now ready for use. At the beginning of January, a siphon Ø 1000 and the brand new siphon Ø 1200 will be installed for our client Eiffage.
With a height difference of approximately 1.2 meters, both siphons together  provide a capacity of 23,050 m³ / per hour!

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