A large soccer club in Liverpool has started the construction of a new stadium that will seat just over 52,000 spectators. The new stadium is being built in the north of the city, in the Bramley Moore harbor area, on the old Bramley Moore dock.

Return water is pumped off

Our client is currently filling the old dock with sand and Van Heck’s red pumps ensure that the return water is pumped off.


To provide the required capacity, two diesel-powered pumps DPPG320-PHK500 have been delivered in Liverpool. A flow rate of 4200 m³ / hour @ 9.5 MWC is achieved per pump. One pump is in operation, the second pump is standby.

Daan traveled to Liverpool last week to assist with the installation of the pumps. The on-site collaboration went quickly and smoothly. It is expected to take 10 to 12 weeks to fill the dock.

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