Recently Van Heck was able to deliver 4 extensive contingency plans to various water boards in the Netherlands.
Contingency plans were made for the Water Board AA and Maas and for the Water Board Zuiderzeeland (2 locations).
Next week, two more contingency plans for the Hunze & Aa Water Association will be completed. A contingency plan for a Water Board in Germany is currently being finalized.
We see that both businesses and water boards want to be well prepared for emergencies. They also appreciate Van Heck’s know-how. The investment in a contingency plan is a fraction of the loss you will avoid as a result.

The Van Heck Method

We will visit your emergency-sensitive location together and run through emergency scenarios with you. Then Van Heck will prescribe pumps and pumping capacities, supply routes, other required materials and where these can be found (locally), etc. Every detail is considered. Van Heck will provide three different solutions, so there’s always a plan B, and indeed a plan C. A crisis  now becomes manageable.


  • Timesaving
  • The local situation is known
  • All those involved know what to do
  • Substantially lower costs
  • Less damage thanks to rapid response

Are you also interested in an emergency plan for your organization? Our engineers look forward to working for you!
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