Pumping for Water Board Friesland

For the renovation of a total of six pumps, Water Board Friesland requested Van Heck to temporarily take over the pumping capacity.

Pumping Station Ropta

In November 2014, Van Heck installed an AFP600 pump at the Ropta Station. The renovation of this pump has been completed. The AFP600 was dismantled and the project was completed successfully.

Pumping Station Miedema

In January 2015, three electrically driven VP800 pumps were installed at Pumping Station Miedema in Zwarte Haan. Water Board Friesland expects to finish renovating the first pump by the end of March. The Van Heck installation will then be converted to enable the renovation of the second pump. This will take approximately four weeks.

In addition to the renovation, a siphon line for fish is being built near the pumping station. It is virtually impossible for larger fish to pass the pumping station. With a siphon pipe the fish can successfully be transferred over the dike.

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