To guarantee the availability of future drinking water, Evides Water Company is building a new intake pumping station with underground transport pipelines to the De Gijster water reservoir.
This project will be carried out at the Bergsche Maas on the edge of De Biesbosch National Park. The demand for drinking and industrial water is increasing and we are also increasingly confronted with longer, dry periods. With the increased pumping capacity, the new intake station can fill the De Gijster reservoir faster after an intake stop.


Van Heck supplied two silenced SC300-400 pumps for this project. One of these two pumps stood stand–by  for the entire project. That the pumps had to be silenced is an absolute must; the project is located in the middle of the protected nature reserve Natura 2000.
Additionally, approximately 100 meters of pipes  Ø 450mm and a number of flexible hoses were supplied to enable various connections to the customer’s pipes. Four butterfly valves were installed. Three butterfly valves provided controlled filling of the sinker lines and one butterfly valve was used to create an overflow (bypass). The pump delivered approximately 1500 m³ / hour at 38 mwc. The filling capacity per sinker pipe was approximately 500m³ / hour.

You can read more about the new intake pumping station via this link.

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