At the beginning of this month, Van Heck tested the powerful  HK800 in the nearby sand pit. The goal was to produce a good and reliable curve, over 10,000 m³ / hour.
Van Heck has its own test pool in Noordwolde, but this pool is too small to enable the testing of these extraordinary measurements.

Unprecedented numbers in the water world

It was already known that the HK800 can pump water at 10,000 m³ per hour. These are unprecedented numbers in the water world and Van Heck has this capacity in-house!
Our rental fleet now has three of these powerful pumps and the fourth is currently under construction. The fifth HK800 will be built next year.
The HK800 is equipped with a C-32 engine that complies with the latest and most stringent environmental emissions regulations.

Under perfect conditions and with our employees’ s years of experience , a curve was produced  that exceeded even our expectations. The HK800 pumped almost 11,000 m³ of water per hour. And that’s exactly what we proudly call: Moving Water, Any way you want it!

More information about the HK800 can be found here.

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